Does your VCR or DVD player constantly flash "12:00?" Do you have multiple electronic devices that once worked great, but now you can't find the directions to adjust them? Do your children program your appliances more than you do?

The Talking Thermostat is designed to make your life easy because it verbally tells you how to program it, with clear, concise step-by-step instructions. Adjusting your heating and cooling system has never been this simple.
 "Do you want to change the program, press yes or no?"

 "Do you want to adjust the date or time, press yes or no?"

If you answer "yes," the Talking Thermostat follows up with verbal instructions
to help you make the changes. The easy-to-program Talking Thermostat
uncomplicates your life, saves you money and helps protect your heating
and cooling system.

Air Filter Message

And there is more. The Talking Thermostat tells you when the batteries are low, when your filter needs changing and general system information, including trouble with your HVAC equipment.

Program Change Message

And if your system needs servicing, the Talking Thermostat will tell you who to call for service - no remembering, no searching through invoices or looking in the yellow pages.

Low Battery Message

The Talking Thermostat is available through the Nature's Home
Dealer Network. To locate a Nature's Home Dealer in your area, click here. To request more information or to ask a question, just click on our email address below. Make life easy on yourself with the Talking Thermostat!

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